Monestevole, Italy: October 19

We are super excited to be going to press our olives into oil for the first time today after lunch. Until then, we are on our working hard on the farm this morning. Here is what we are up to:


Olive Harvest:

Olive harvest continues.  Belle remarked “This is the heart of the olive process…this is olive wonderland” before promptly falling down the hill in  the olive grove.  Today we have two photo-journalists on our blogging team.  Enjoy this pictorial spread by Roxy and Elke:



Harvesting olives


Running free in the olive trees

Animals and Maintenance:  

Today the pigs are being very aggressive.  Matilda, head of the matriarchy is being very protective and growling for her space in the pig-feed mosh pit. Sofi and fellow EARTH TEAM feel like fairy god-parents…sprinkling magical feed to soothe the piggy angst.  The pigs found whatever space they could including on top of each other.  Now we understand why they called “piggy-back rides”.  Fun fact:  Wild boar and pig meat are traditionally mixed together to make sausage, but here, it is done in a different way.  Wild boar actually break into the pig pen and mate with Monestevole pigs, the resulting hybrid meat is delicious.


Piggyback race… oink oink.


Breakfast time!


Matilda the Matriarch


Gardeners today are chopping old wood which would otherwise take years to decompose.  They are pyrolyzing the branches to create biochar.  The stove itself is placed inside the greenhouse creating  warmth for the new seedlings.  Tristen was concerned about the smoke and flames melting the thin plastic greenhouse walls but our resident permaculture wizard, Nicolo has a plan. He intends to deflect the heat and flames through a recycled car roof. They also prepared the greenhouse soil for planting with ploughs.




Xochi and November getting pumped about the biochar

Kitchen Duty:

Lunch today had some very interesting recipes involved, including some delicious savoury crepes, crunchy fried zucchini cakes, and some lovely salad.  Here are some photos that were taken of the cooking process:


For those of you wondering how you at home can make some of these delicious delicacies, here is the recipe we used to make the fried scamorza-zucchini dish for 30 people:

  1. Grate 4 zucchinis and 18 squares of scamorza (a cheese similar to mozzarella) into a large bowl.


    Grating the scamorza cheese!

  2. Add a pinch of salt, pepper, breadcrumbs, and nutmeg.
  3. Mix thoroughly with your hands, preferably while singing love songs to the mixture


    The cheesy mixture!

  4. Roll the mixture into a small ball, and then squish them into patty shapes. Place the patties on a tray with parchment paper.


    Rolling the balls.

  5. In a separate bowl, beat two eggs. Prepare some breadcrumbs.
  6.  Coat the patties in eggs, then roll them in the breadcrumbs.
  7. After you are finished breading the zucchini patties, fry them till they are a golden brown.


    The finished process!

  8. Enjoy!


Each day we measure our consumption of Energy, Water, Food and Waste to see patterns in how our daily habits  impact the planet:

Heat: How many kilos of biomass are we consuming each day to heat the house for 30 people?

Food: What do we need to grow to cook lunch and dinner for 30 people?

4 kale heads

3 lettuce heads

15 carrots

45 sausages

10 potatoes

4 zucchini

18 samorzas

1-kilo spinach

500g ricotta

1L milk

6 eggs

500g flour

80g butter

250g mascarpone

2kilo beets

18 Buratta balls

8 fennels

1 radicchio

Water: We began measuring water consumption and production from the well.  Numbers to come tomorrow.

Recycled waste: (numbers tomorrow)

Landfill: (numbers tomorrow)

Compost: (numbers tomorrow)

Animal Food: (numbers tomorrow)

Energy: Energy consumption and production.  


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