What is Earthbound?

Earthbound is Green School, Bali’s traveling semester program. Attracting students from around the world, Earthbound offers a holistic, universal approach to education for sustainability through journalism, performance, cultural exchange and climate action.


Earthbound is more than just a school program; it seeks to involve students in the world around them, combining Green School’s rigorous high school curriculum with social and environmental activism in order to create a community of aware and motivated students.

Students on Earthbound earn school credit while exploring the world and learning in a way that allows them to both pursue their passion and get a world-class education.


Earthbound students gain a deeper understanding of the complexity of global issues, get their hands dirty, and connect with others involved in the global movement for a sustainable world.


Students attending Earthbound learn on the road while developing their multiple intelligences: intellectual, kinesthetic, interpersonal, and emotional, helping students to grow in a holistic way. Earthbound recognizes that there should be no divide between subjects: the best classes are those that intertwine algebra and literature, biology and journalism, history and theater.

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Earthbound offers an education without borders…inspiring students and invigorating them with a new passion for learning.  Our learning is rigorous and relevant. We encourage our students to find deep meaning in our experiences and to take an active role in creating a world that works for all.  We believe that with knowledge comes responsibility.


Our Principles

Walk lightly. Consume only what we need. Address our carbon footprint. Take care of ourselves and our belongings.

Take care of each other. Be humble. Nurture our intellectual, emotional, spiritual and physical aspects. Consider climate justice in our deeds and actions. Practice democracy towards all living things. Be kind. Be open. Be sensitive. Be resilient. Be resourceful. Be self-aware.