Aleria Mačiulytė


Ria is a strong LGBT activist and is interested in music, poetry, and feminism. She is Swedish/Lithuanian and was born in Kaunas, Lithuania then at the age of 8 moved to the Philippines. She has now lived in Bali for 4 years and is in her last year of Green School.


Alia Le Baube


Alia Le Baube is a 12th grade student that is currently part of a traveling semester. She is French, English, and Australian. During her free time, she practices visual art and is presently focusing her studies on feminism and sexism.


Asha McDonald


Asha is a 12 year old earthbound student from Canada and India. She enjoys playing with her two cats, Pipin and Shadow, and watching The 100. She goes to summer camp with her friends every year and loves the forest.



Elke Cruden


Elke Cruden was born in Australia but grew up on a boat for 5 years of her life, traveling around the Mentawais all the while doing surf charters. Just before this program had started she lived 6 months of her life in Sumatra and 6 months in Bali. Elke is now doing journalism as a student on Earthbound.


Gabrielle Royo-Fay


Gabrielle is a global citizen born into Filipino-Irish blood. She was born and raise on the islands of Indonesia and carries the spice of its culture in her every step. She’s here to help and is pulled to expressing and sharing the stories of the world through song, journalism, and connective activism. She is open to the world, it’s hardships and it’s joys. She is ready to be bound to the earth and expand her knowledge and experience of life here on this passionate program.


Isabel Wijsen


Isabel Wijsen is a 13-year-old activist that was born and raised in the small island of Bali. She is also the co-founder of Bye Bye Plastic Bags, a social initiative on Bali to get people to say NO to single-use plastic bags.


Jackie Pye

Jackie is a Canadian educator who has been living between Canada and Indonesia for the past three years. She has two girls, Roxana and Asha, and her partner in crime Steve who is an artist of “Fantastic” colouring books. Her passion is around environmental science, counselling, travelling in nature, and the power of experiential education in building relationships. She has been a PE and Science teacher, guidance counsellor, summer camp director, and is now proud to be a co-creator of Earthbound.


Kayla Fennell


Kayla Fennell is from Southern Oregon where she enjoys hiking and playing fiddle with her friends. She is now a writer and student on Earthbound Traveling Semester where she is looking forward to gathering and sharing stories from around the world.


Kyla Langotsky


Kyla is a 17-year-old journalist, activist, and adventurer. Growing up in both urban New York City and rural Bali, Indonesia, she’s spent most of her life traveling and gaining perspective on the world.


Lola Sweeney


Lola Sweeney was born into a multi-cultural family: her father is Irish, her mother is Australian, and herself and her siblings were born in England. She grew up in Singapore and has lived there for 10 years and is now an Earthbound student on this traveling semester.


Miro Sohel 


Miro J Sohel Nuetzi is an activist that at the end of the day wants to see this world form into a beautiful and happy place. It might mean that he has to convince himself to do things that are out of his comfort zone, but at least he knows that every time he takes a step he grows. He has been schooled in Bali, Indonesia since he was thirteen. His roots are from Switzerland. And who knows where he will be next.


Ruby Newman


Ruby Newman is in ninth grade and has lived in South Africa, Michigan, Cambodia, Kazakhstan, and Bali. She is a budding activist and is interested in uncovering the complexities of the refugee crisis in Greece and more.


Roxana McDonald


Roxana is a 14-year-old amateur photographer, adventurer, activist, and student on earthbound. She is from Canada, but also has lived in Bali Indonesia and India.

Ryan Munro


Ryan is a 14-year-old Hungarian-American Earthbound student and journalist. He enjoys playing the piano and percussion instruments and is excited for his travels ahead.


Sarita Pockell


Sarita is the director and founder of Earthbound Traveling Semester program for Green School, Bali. After spending 5 years teaching theater, writing and education for sustainability at the Green School campus, she expanded the Wall-less teaching platform to give students an experiential, global perspective while continuing their studies. Sarita is originally from the San Francisco Bay Area but has spent her adult life living, working and performing all over the world. For more about Sarita visit


Sofi Le Berre


Sofi is in her last year at Green School in Bali, Indonesia, and is originally from Australia and France. She enjoys reading, photography, and activism and has strong feminist opinions.


William Vovers


William Vovers is a 10th grade student at the Green School, in Bali, Indonesia. He is Australian, Indonesian, and American. He spends his free time playing guitars and surfing.


Xochi Luz


Xochi Luz was born in the USA but has lived in Bali, Indonesia for 5 years. She is passionate about activism on conflict palm oil and loves math. Xochi was a founding member of Kids Cut Palm Oil and is a youth ambassador for wildlife Asia. She hopes you enjoy reading her posts.