Taking Green School on the Road


After five years of teaching at Green School,  I was given the opportunity to expand my passion for wall-less education and create our new traveling semester program, EARTHBOUND. With the goal of giving students rich and experiential education for sustainability with a unique global perspective that you can only get from immersing yourself in different cultures, Earthbound is proving to be something very special. Through journalism, performance, cultural exchange and climate action, we are embarking on an educational journey like no other.

Semester one began on August 22 at Kul Kul farm next to Green School where we began our orientation. Focusing on the first permaculture design principle: Observe and Interact, we began to explore the neighbourhood around Green School, uncovering stories and meeting unsung heroes who were finding innovative solutions to many issues plaguing our immediate community.  We took our tools of observation and investigation to Lombok to work with Oceans.Care and meet the local activists, journalists, artists and citizens who are trying to keep their island from drowning in plastic.  Next week we head to the heart of the conflict palm oil crisis as we visit the pristine and endangered Leuser Ecosystem in Sumatra. From there we head to Greece to unpack the complexities of the refugee and economic crises, learn about the history of democracy, take part in environmental clean-up projects and more.  This semester also includes  a residency on a farm in Italy and culminates at the COY12 and the COP22 in Morocco where our young activists, journalists, performers and students will have a platform to speak their minds as they seek climate justice and raise awareness about the many global issues that plague our world.


What makes Earthbound a school and not just a traveling program?  We unpack the learning from each day, reflecting on what we have done and seen, questioning and digging deeper and ultimately processing  our experiences and knowledge into shareable articles, songs, poems, theater pieces, and films.  We also have regular classes of math and science, working in small advisory groups of one teacher to about five students of a similar academic level. At the end of the semester, each student leaves with a semester of transferable credit. Our learning is rigorous and relevant and, like Green School, we honor our multiple intelligences, as you can read here in Gabrielle’s post:

The Wholeness of Learning

Earthbound accepts students from around the world: one does not have to attend Green School previously to apply. Our Spring semester begins February 20th at Green School and will include travels to Colombia’s Amazon and Andes, Costa Rica and Peru.  We will begin accepting applications at the end of September from students 13-18 years old.

To keep connected to the program and read the student’s journalism you can follow us at EARTHBOUND.LIVE

We also post regularly on Facebook: Earthbound Traveling Semester

And Instagram: @Earthbound.live

For more information about semester two, contact sarita@earthboundsemester.com

Written by Sarita Pockell



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