Banyan Tree

In a small village outside of Ubud exist about six Banyan trees, tall trees that have huge veins as thick as my arm. These trees are very holy and are located mostly near temples and other sacred places. Two years ago there were seven, but a  storm hit the island of Bali and tore one of those huge trees down (just that you know the trees can reach a hight of a 100 feet and are over a thousand years old).

This morning the 24 of August the Earthbound crew went for a trash walk with John Hardy, He inspired us, while leading us through rice fields, taking us down the river and up steep cliffs. Sweaty,  tired, and ready to stop, we reached the first concrete road of the journey. Half of our group went ahead, as we walked down the road we looked in awe at the huge tree. First we though it was the only one but as we turned the corner five more popped up.

We enter the forest of banyan trees and in the middle sit our friends, all struck by the beauty and the spirits that roam the place. John asks us to listen. He starts to speak and we never know what to expect. He tells us the story of what happened here two years ago, he told us that in the exact place that the temple now is used to be one huge old banyan tree but the climate of the Earth is changing.  Though it could survive over a thousand years…a huge storm had struck it and killed it.



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