Power to the People!

Marrakech witnessed thousands of people coming together of all ages and nationalities, to protest against climate change and raise our voices on the urgency to act NOW! We marched through the streets chanting different rhythms in different languages, but all unified by our beliefs and passions to stop climate change. There were Morrocan workers and teachers on strike, couples on honeymoons and even students like ourselves ready to join 350.org in their efforts against fossil fuels, and for solutions to keep being presented and implemented.

The Earthbound group said many chants such as, “people change not climate change, systems change not climate change.” It started off with just us saying this, but soon we had several people chanting along with us. Other people had chants too, really inspiring ones that made the march more engaging. “We are just nature defending itself.” “Don’t let your entitlement kill our environment.” These were the ones that stayed with me, they were really strong and made you think about how urgent climate change is.


Chanting our powerful messages – Photo by Roxana McDonald

We marched for two hours from the Harti Stadium to near the Jamma Elfna square. We carried signs with messages that we believe in. Signs such as ‘Ecosystems Over Political Systems’, ‘Water Is Life’, ‘Keep It In The Ground’, or ‘Go Vegan’. Every sign was different but they were the representation of the types of people we had at the march. There were also people in polar bear suits and carrying huge artwork out of the plastic bottles that people used on a daily basis.


We are the YOUTH and we are ready now! – Photo by Roxana McDonald

This march represented the hope and power that we as people have. To make change happen we need help from all sides, of course, to exercise democratic rights – without the people’s support nothing would change or happen. This is why marches and education campaigns are so important, to make the people aware that the change starts with every individual. It can start with just one idea, one conversation, and it can make all the difference.

Written by Isabel Wijsen

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