A Photographic Journey: COP22 Week One

It has been a crazy and fun week here in Morocco, as the COP 22 (Conference of the Parties) starts, all kinds of people have arrived and lots of activities have been going on. We have participated in many and have seen an amazing amount of cool and innovative things. We are all feeling inspired and motivated to share our knowledge and experiences. Keep scrolling for a peek into our first week at the COP 22 in Marrakech, Morocco.


One of the art pieces at an art exhibition. It is almost completely made from plastic.


Earthbound performs inside at the area for the youth – Espace Jeunesse


You can see the YOUNG people buzzing with creative energy, whilst performing. ❤


Lola tries out the virtual reality goggles at the Facebook booth. They allow you to see the beauty of the world from a different perspective.


As we walk through the local artisan’s area we smell and see the many spices and products.


One of the many innovative products in the Green Zone is a plastic bottle that is completely made from organic material.


Melati checks out the DiesOil booth and learns about how they can turn single use plastic into energy.


People at a workshop run my Sustain Us participate in a group song, and pass along a scroll with stories of climate struggles across the world.


Ryan from SustainUs motivates and inspires us to always have hope.


A “people’s to-do list” created by SustainUs in light of the US election.


Earthbound Roadshow performs at the SustainUS action.


Gabrielle tells us about the haze in Sumatra during the perfomance


A really cute cat outside our Riad in the Medina.

Written by Roxana McDonald

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