What Is Solid Rain?

In the last couple of years, I have been noticing that our weather patterns have changed in a drastic way: it’s either later, short or not here at all. This is a problem for agricultural use, we need food and for that, we need good soil to produce these healthy and nutritious foods. Soil and plants need water and also other factors like compost. But the main factor would be water, a lot of it. Unfortunately with climate change comes weather pattern and rainfall disruption.

Today, I walk past a small stall with about a foot long, see-through cylinder filled with little bits of jelly. If you know what fake snow is? A bit like that just see-through. The company is called Raccoon Environnement. The people there sadly only spoke French and Spanish and I can only speak English and German so we had a bit of a problem. Somehow we interacted through body language and they ended up handing me a flyer in English and showed me a video also in English. I think I got what they are trying to do, these little jelly beans are the liquid form of acrylate potassium mixed with water. It is first in a powder form and when mixed with water from a well or another source of water it can hold up to 200 times its own size and is up to 5 years storable. This invention can help to start the regular cycle of the growing seasons if deposited in the soil.

Written by Miro Sohel

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