The Earthbound Roadshow

As many of you may know, we here on Earthbound have a performance. It highlights the journeys we have taken to get to the COP 22. We sing about important stories and climate injustice. Our stories are about the first people in this world and how they thrived and our friend Cinta, who lives in Kalimatan, Indonesia. Next we move to the ocean creatures and how there are masses of plastic in their habitats. Then lastly, we sing about the massive refugee crisis in Greece and talk about the climate changes in the world. The Earthbound Roadshow is a story meant to call people to action.

We start off with a song about the first people to roam this earth and how some were different in their ways of living. How some people chose to keep wandering and how some chose to settle and create a home in the land they’ve found. We sing about how we still remember them and we sing about their travels and struggles.

The first story is a dance and song about our friend Cinta. We tell the story of how she is affected by the burning of the rainforests and her struggle with the haze caused by the conflict palm oil industry and the slash and burn method. Palm oil is a very common oil used in most of our daily products, shampoo, chocolate, chips, and more. The slash and burn method is used for clearing land. It’s when agriculture companies cut the trees to the stumps and then burn the rest. The fire is devastating and causes massive extinctions and the spread of the haze. One days worth of breathing his haze is equivalent to smoking 46 cigarettes. Imagine that, babies, children, everyday people smoking 46 cigarettes a day. The story tells how she marched to her governors gates and demanded climate justice.

Second, we sing about the huge plastic pollution problem in our oceans. We sing about how there will be many animals harmed because of this problem and we sing from the jellyfishes point of view, and how the plastic effects them and their lives. We did some research and found out that there will be more plastic in the oceans than fish by 2050 if we cannot find a beneficial solution now.

Our last song talks about the refugees crisis in Lesvos, Greece. This tells a story about our friend Aphrodite who experienced the crisis first hand. We highlight this type of destruction and how it effects everyone in Lesbos. All of the people on the island were affected in different ways and came together to help the people who washed ashore.

At the end of the song, we say different things about climate change, pipelines and plastic. We sing about how we are all going to rise out of this thing (as in the environmental crisis). At the very end we all together say a powerful part that goes, “Destruction is a just metaphor, for the status quo. It is the physical manifestation of humanities reluctance to see the oneness in everything. We ARE the plastics. We ARE the seas. WE are the fires and WE are the seas. There is no more you, or me. Just us.”

Those of us in the performance include myself, Sofi Le Berre, Xochi Luz, Elke Cruden, Lola Sweeney, Miro Sohel, Isabel Wijsen, Melati Wijsen, Gabrielle Royo-Fay, Ruby Newman, Kayla Fennel, and our teacher Sarita Pockell. The show is called The Earthbound Roadshow. We were inspired by the Greenschool, Bali show put on in the June of 2015 called Wisdom. You can also find a full video on the Earthbound Facebook page.
Written By Asha McDonald





One thought on “The Earthbound Roadshow

  1. Pat mc Donald says:

    Extremely well written and explained, Asha! You have learned such a lot – how to think of others before yourself. That is often hard to do? So many of the changes we desire can, be brought to the forefront and attention of the powers that be by the young generation like yourselves.


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