Simulation Headset

Walking into the green zone I was hunting for a good interview. After walking around for about ten minutes I passed a stall that said Sustainable Simulation headset. The title of this booth was enough to draw me into learning more about it. I met this interesting woman at the stall and began to talk to her. I started off by asking about these interesting goggles, to which she replied “this is a simulation headset that is placed over your eyes and makes you feel as if you’re in the situation on the screen”. It has educational videos and games teaching more about a subject by getting them to feel as if they’re in the situation.

I decided to test it out so I sat down, placed the goggles over my eyes and pressed play on the video in front of me. I was put in a position in the ocean where a man’s voice was talking about his experience with the sea creatures and the coral issue. It was almost as if I was in his situation being given the freedom to move with him and listen to what he had to say. Once the short clip ended I still had a few more question’s  to ask the lady. I began with so “how is this headset sustainable” which she replied “It is made out of reused sustainable trash. She also explained how only the phone attached isn’t sustainable” though she quoted that in the future this would become “fully sustainable” if a sustainable phone could be invented in Marrakech.

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