Raising Climate Awareness Through Virtual Reality

Today I took my first journey to the COP22. We were granted access to the Green Zone after the “All ages All access” movement we lead became successful. The space was filled with booths of all sizes and subjects. I was especially drawn to this one booth that held virtual reality. I talked to the women at the stand and she said that in the virtual reality (VR) experience you choose a theme to connect you around the world. For example using the headset you can visit ice caps, coral reefs, and rainforests. VR allows you to visit places that are threatened by climate change and also like in Xochi’s post, you can explore new architecture. In the future they are trying to make the headsets from recycled material. Check out Lola’s post about this. I tried the VR and was amazed at how much I enjoyed it! I was extremely surprised at how captivating it was.

Below are photos from the rest of my experience at the COP22:




Written By Asha McDonald


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