From Greenhouses to 3D Maps

The Dutch Embassy has come up with a state of art technology greenhouse. The main goal of this greenhouse is to reduce the use of irrigation water and to make better use of sunlight. Their main goal is to find solutions that will reduce water usage in agriculture in Morocco. They are partnering up with the University W.U.R of Holland and building a greenhouse in Agadir, Morocco. “We are empowering students to bring water efficiency in agriculture to Morocco.” #WhetherYouLikeItOrNot


Greenhouse Prototype

Another interesting innovation is AIR CITY. This is a 3D high-resolution map that shows the wind, temperature, humidity and the amount of pollutants in the air of cities. The idea is to compute and forecast air quality in Paris, Milan, Italy, and Rio de Janeiro. Forecasting the air quality in these cities can be used both for further research, to come up with solutions, or to simply just have the knowledge. It is possible to combine innovative technology to come up with new solutions. #WhetherYouLikeItOrNot


AIR CITY’s booth

Written by Ruby Newman

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