Conference of Youth 12: A Photographic Journey

Yesterday we arrived at the COY12 event in Marrakech Morocco! We networked, flash mobbed, and had a booth set up with GS Green Generation. Many people were interested in our program, and also the initiatives that our members are part of; Earthbound, Bye Bye Plastic Bags, Kids Cut Palm Oil, BioBus and GS Green Generation.

In the past two days we have also set up a campaign called ALL Ages ALL access. This is a campaign to allow all people access to the COP22 Green Zone which is a civic space traditionally open to everyone to participate in the climate events. Please visit our Avaaz petition and sign to help us get ALL ages ALL access.


Youth watch as Earthbound Roadshow performs in the entrance to COY12.


Ruby speaks to interested participants about Earthbound and GS Green Generations campaign for ALL ages ALL access.


Ruby and her new pals!


Miro discusses sustainability and education in Holland with his new friend.


Bye Bye Plastic Bags, Earthbound and GS Green Generation welcome participants at the COY12.


Created in response to the waste and food served at the COY12


Ria facilitates signing of the ALL ages ALL access petition on Azaaz.

Later in the day we attended a Climate Parade with performers and climate activists.


Stilt walkers at the Climate Parade in the streets of Marrakech


Dance activists in Marrakech


Puppets at the Parade (photo Jackie Pye)


Asha wears an Orangutan mask at the parade


Stilt Acro (photo Jackie Pye)


John joins the parade! In the Moroccan band atop a moving truck.

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