The Earthquakes

Yesterday evening at 7:11 pm, we experienced the first of two earthquakes. We were having a pretty normal day when suddenly my dad ran into the room and asked if we had felt the earthquake. What!? There was an earthquake? I was so confused and I wondered why I had not felt it. I was freaking out, was everyone ok? How big was it? I calmed myself down and tried to relax. It was about two hours later when I wanted to grab some movies from Miro and I walked up the stairs and sat down on the couch. At 9:18 pm the ground shook yet again. I first noticed when the window began shaking and people started saying that it was another earthquake! I had hoped this wouldn’t happen but, as soon as the earth began to shake, it was over. Later that night there was a tremendous thunderstorm and, to be honest, I was kind of scared.

We soon discovered that, at the centre of the earthquakes, measured 5.5 and 6.1 and there have been more aftershocks. Of course, we were not at the centre so it hit us much, much lower on the scale and thankfully there was no destruction in our home. I used to think that it was the safest thing to go under a doorway, but thanks to our short safety lesson this morning I now know that I should go beside a large object and cover my head and neck. Thankfully there are no fatalities that have been reported and w hope it stays that way.

Written by Asha McDonald

2 thoughts on “The Earthquakes

  1. Patricia McDonald says:

    Thank you Asha for telling about the earthquake – I was away and heard when I got home so was worried about my Italian family – so glad all is well. We experienced one in Duntroon – scary.


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