Consumption Stats


              Just last night we were given the full lowdown on exactly how much we have been consuming as a group of 30 people. We were taken aback at the numbers. It turns out that each person is using more water daily than the average Italian who uses 150L/per day. Perhaps a few of us are too accustomed to our inner relaxation sessions under the steam of a long hot shower, a privilege that comes at a cost. Sometimes the conversation on how effective it is to take shorter showers gets thrown around but our discussions are not actually making a difference. We need to change our habits.

When striving and living for the practice of sustainability, every drop counts. We have put up the military shower challenge for any of our valiant eathbounders to accept. Taking quick, cold showers in the chilly air of Umbria can be a turn off, but our solutionary William has made a suggestion that we can throw in rigorous excise beforehand to get our blood pumping too make the perching cold turn into a refreshing dip. Being a group of young activists and fighters of climate justice, one would think that we would be on top of how much we consume. But it is easy to get off track, out of sight out of mind. It is up to teaching and changing the ‘abundant resource’ mindset to broaden the actualisation of everything we use and need to survive. Imagine if everyone measured their combustion rate, how would society change?

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