3000 Per Second

All around the world, over 3000 farm animals are slaughtered per second. The world is eating more animals now than ever before, and a psychological disconnect has been made in between the taking of a life and the consumption of meat. When buying a chicken from the supermarket, few think of the 42-day long life of the chicken, a living hell, ending in a cold and unfriendly slaughter. This modern phenomenon occurs even amongst many Green School students and Earthbounders, which is why we join a slaughter. All meat-eaters on Earthbound are required to take part in the killing and preparation of a goose, which we will later eat.

The slaughter is quick and humane, a quick stab in the neck and the goose bleeds out. We assist in the feather plucking and gutting, the preparation is quick. It needs to cure for two days before we eat it, and many of us have changed the way we think about eating meat. It is incredibly powerful to have been holding a live goose one minute and plucking the same one the next.

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