Monestevole, Italy: October 20


Olive Harvest:

TEAM WATER is entertaining themselves with their funky rhymes while olives fall on their heads. They are determined to get at least 450 kilos, and it’s lit according to one of their team members Ryan. We agreed yesterday that we need to step up our game for the olive harvesting and have decided that nobody gets below 400 kilos of olives.


An eager hand picks some olives. – Photo by Stella

TEAM WATER having some fun!! - Photo by Stella

TEAM WATER having some fun!! – Photo by Stella







Animals and Maintenance:  

TEAM FIRE is blazing the trails with their energy and high spirits. With every blade of grass they feed to the animals you can feel the love and compassion they put into the meal of the creatures of the farm. They are also weeding and feeding the weeds to various animals, planting new seedlings and…bottling wine of course!


This is Matilda’s growth in just ONE year!! WOWOWOWW


Tristan bonding with the pigs. – Photo by Ria


Will feeding the chickens – Photo by Ria


TEAM FIRE learning the measurements of food for the animals. – Photo by Ria



















You do not want to mess with TEAM EARTH when they are gardening. With every swing of the blade, their rage builds up to chop wood like proper ninjas. They are continuing the work of the past teams, making the pyro stove work for biochar and forming garden beds in the green house. One of our team members, Miro, had a shocking morning… literally. As we were taking pictures he squatted on the electric fence, thus electrocuting his butt.


TEAM EARTH getting ferocious while chopping their wood. – Photo by Ria


Kyla and her strong arms. – Photo by Miro



The pyro stove. – Photo by Miro












Kitchen Duty:

TEAM AIR are on kitchen duty today so get ready for a trip into flavor town. Get excited because we are cooking …

Oven Roasted Potatoes Recipe

Step 1.

Inline image 1

Peel the potatoes then cut them in half, then in slices.

Step 2. 

Put them in a large oven tray. Add olive oil, garlic, rosemary, salt, and pepper.

Set oven to 200 degrees and leave in for 2 hours 

(Because they were new potatoes so they contain more water and need more time to draw it out)

*Video would go here

Step 3.

Inline image 2

Serve and enjoy

Inline image 3


Each day we measure our consumption of Energy, Water, Food and Waste to see patterns in how our daily habits  impact the planet:

Heat: How many kilos of biomass are we consuming each day to heat the house for 30 people?


Food: What do we need to grow to cook lunch and dinner for 30 people?

LUNCH: 42 potatoes, 5 eggplants, 8 peppers, 4 onions, 4 zucchini, 3 kg salt cod, 2 kg tomato passata, 2 kg chard, 3 kg chickpeas, 22 carrots, 1 lemon, 3 kg rice, 3 cases of radicchio, 1/2 kg gorgonzola cheese

DINNER: 2 kg artichokes, 30 eggs, 1/2 kg porcini mushrooms, 32 slices of bread. 100  g cheese

Water: We began measuring water consumption and production from the well.  Numbers to come tomorrow.

Recycled waste: 

Landfill: 1 kg

Compost:  –

Animal Food: 7.1 kg

Energy: For the energy,  we will take the average at the end of the week.

Recycle: 4 kg 



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