Lifejackets: A Photographic Journey

In Lesvos, Greece near the town of Molyvos there is a huge lifejacket dump yard. All of the lifejackets are from the refugees that have arrived from turkey, at one point there were 4000 arriving a day. Each lifejackets represents a life and a story. Here are some of the photos I took from our trip to the dump.


The beautiful country side on the way to the dump, lifejackets are sprinkled throughout the mountains.


Boats that the refugees had taken over from Turkey had been left in the mountains.


The dump as you first walk over the hill, at some places the lifejackets are piled up 5 metres high.



Some lifejackets had been stuffed with grass and clothes instead of proper foam. Many people died from these lifejackets  or not having lifejackets on the way to Lesvos.



There were also rubber boats in the dump. Most were deflated.



One thought on “Lifejackets: A Photographic Journey

  1. Pat mc Donald says:

    Your photography is truly wonderful. It is so sad that it portays such a very sad story. It is devastating to know the terrible and frightening trips these refugees took with hopes of freedom at the end. Well done! A picture is worth a thousand words so keep them coming.

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