A Week in Athens: A Photographic Journey

Our first stop in Europe was Athens. We spent a week there and did tons of amazing things: from visiting museums; seeing ancient sites; and boxing clothes for the refugees and people of Greece. Take a look below for a sneak peak into our week in Athens.


Rainy days and cobblestone streets in Plaka where our guest house was.


We visited the Acropolis on one of our spare evenings. The light was amazing.


At the Acropolis is the Parthenon, a temple dedicated to Athena. It is now being restored.


We also went to the museum, and saw tons of old greek sculptures. This face looks like it is crying because it used to have brass eyelashes that changed the colour of the stone.


A Greek Tablet from the Museum of the Acropolis.



When we travelled in the city we would take the Metro.


We went to visit the Elementary School of Intercultural Education of Palaio Faliro. We worked with the Grade 6 class to paint a mural for International Peace Day.



Asha and her new friend finding a common language.



Another school we visited was the German School of Athens. In the background you can see the old stadiums from the 2004 olympics.


We presented about Earthbound and all the different initiatives we our students are involved with.


The students at the school had done some very interesting art work about refugees.



To help the refugees we went to a old olympic stadium they had converted into a warehouse for donations.



We organized lots of shoes and clothes, which is surprisingly tiring work.


After the warehouse we met three children who were living at the old airport. It now has 3000 Syrians refugees living in it.












One thought on “A Week in Athens: A Photographic Journey

  1. Pat mc Donald says:

    FABULOUS photography Roxy! What a wonderful way to create memories and explain your journey to others. Your pictures are so varied and interesting and a super cross section of all the various things you are doing and learning!

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