The Everyday Hero

There is a hero. They live an everyday life in an everyday town, they walk like you, and they even talk like you. They do everyday things like go shopping or work or go to school. They do small things that contribute to their world. They sometimes refuse that straw at their restaurant, choosing to drink from the glass or bottle instead. They sometimes bring their own bag to the grocery store so that they don’t need to use a single-use plastic one. They sometimes recycle their trash and sometimes they even up-cycle their trash. They do everyday small things with a bit of effort for their environment. 

They write about things sometimes. When they’re angry they write a Facebook post to educate people. Sometimes if a person they know says something insensitive they remove them from their friends list. And in some cases they even call out when a friend says something racially insensitive or if they make an inappropriate joke or comment. They say it’s not alright when someone makes a rape joke; they educate them on statistics and facts about issues around this world. They do everyday small things with a bit of effort for the rest of their fellow humans. 

They question whether the things they buy are locally sourced and organic. They want to help make sure to stimulate their local economy and that what they eat is healthy. They try to make sure that what they consume is fair trade and doesn’t have conflict palm oil or other harmful products. They take pride in the fact that they are helping – and they should be proud. They try their best to make everyday small things be as good for our world as possible.

They are you, the reader. You are going through your very own hero’s journey right now and it is time for you to become conscious. It’s time to cross the threshold from your ordinary world and become the hero you are meant to be. Grab a friend to turn into your ally and venture off into your adventure. You will face many obstacles; it will be hard to be conscious and make sure that what you do doesn’t hurt the environment and other people – but you can do it. 

You will have to face the biggest battle within yourself. It is so much easier to just give up and go back to ignorance, but you can prevail and win against this side. You can be a conscious consumer; you can be responsible for your future in this world and, through small everyday things, you will win and become victorious. When you win this final battle you will have your atonement. You can educate others on your journey and mentor them through their own. Open everyone’s eyes just a bit to the effect that they can make in an ordinary day. And then you go back to your own ordinary world, but everything is just a little different. You’ve been transformed. You live an everyday life in an everyday town and you are making a difference in this world. You are an everyday hero. Every day.

Written by Aleria Mačiulytė

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