Our Trip to Sumatra


IMG_0536 copy.JPG

First we went to a local school and played games, played soccer and did some artworks with the students of this school.


Later that day, we went to watch a traditional dance performed by the girls that we had met earlier.

IMG_0806 copy.JPG


The Alas river runs all through this rainforest where Sumatran tigers, rhinos, and elephants roam free.

IMG-20160918-WA0002 copy.jpg

On the way back from rafting we saw this – did you know that over 150 acres of rain forest are destroyed every minute of the day?




The day after rafting we all took a hike in the rainforest and spent the night there.


IMG_0732 copy.JPG


Here are some orangutans we saw on our walk to the campus.


Cup Fungi only grow in hot and wet climates and may grow on wood and trees.


IMG_0758 copy.JPG

Sulphurous steam rising from a natural hot spring.  You have to be careful – some places here can burn you.


Photos captured by Elke Cruden


2 thoughts on “Our Trip to Sumatra

  1. Pat mc Donald says:

    What a wonderful pictorial collections of things you have seen and done! Great pictures. Makes me jealous but I have seen a lot so enjoy seeing it again!


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