The King Of Bitters

Today I met a king, the king of bitters. Sambiloto is known to be one of the most bitter tastes you can achieve naturally, putting it to my tongue seemed toxic and I questioned whether it was safe to consume. Even with such a bitter taste, it is so beneficial, that it has become one of the most widely used medicinal plants in Indonesia. At Kul Kul farm we learned much more about this king, his healing powers and his dangerous ways.

Only when you gain a king’s full trust can you understand his true power and potential. The herb has properties that can help you with digestion, a weak direct antibacterial action, and it has remarkably beneficial effect in reducing diarrhea and symptoms arising from bacterial infections. This is super helpful for your stomach and improves your digestion. It also is antihepatotoxic which eliminates liver toxins, such as products of alcohol consumption. which is also good for your stomach and there are chemical effects that increases the flow of bile.

Sambiloto also has properties that are made to fight parasites, it is vermicidal, which means it kills intestinal worms. It is also antimalaria, which has properties that kills infection and prevents parasites from multiplying in you. Sambiloto will help keep all stomach worms and away from you.

Even though Sambiloto has many healing properties, there are some dangers. There is the danger if you have a dosage of Sambiloto when you are pregnant, you will experience the cycle of abortion so if you are pregnant please do NOT take the king of bitters; his mercy is short in that and when you have an overdosage your throat will swell and your tongue will itch.


After knowing a kings name we are starting to learn more about his reign and how he inherits his throne. We planted a new batch of Sambiloto and we harvested the old batch to be made into a very helpful remedies. We made pills from the dehydrated herbs and crushed them up. The first step was to put the herb into a dehydrating machine where it will become easy to crush up the herb. The second step was to crush up the Sambiloto into a powder like form. The last step was to squeeze the herbal form into the tiny capsules. The medical properties of those capsules could have a life changing effect for the people who have medical problems.

Written by Ryan Munro


2 thoughts on “The King Of Bitters

  1. tonyvov says:

    Ryan, sounds like a wonderful plant to keep in the garden. I saw the king at the green school herbal garden. For such a tiny plant he packs a huge punch of flavor.
    Is it just the leaves that are processed or the whole plant and stem?
    Does the king like to have companions or consorts when he grows?
    Good article.


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