Hare Krishna

     A Wonderful Day In India – Or So It Seems

Even in a neighbourhood that you think you know, there can be surprises hiding in every corner.  I learned this because the other day, we went to a Hare Krishna ashram and found something incredible right next to the school I used to attend. I had no idea that this astounding ashram was even here.
I walked into the wide open space, it was like a whole new world for me.
Was it just another village in Bali, Indonesia?  Or an entirely different country? I looked over to see a beautiful women in a vibrant sari cradling a baby.  Suddenly, she began walking in my direction, I smiled at her not knowing what to do as she continued walking.  Finally, after a lot of slow walking and friendly smiling, she arrived.  She welcomed me with a warm handshake and invited me inside.

Hare Krishna is a sect within the Hindu religion, they believe in karma and reincarnation.  Our experience at the Hare Krishna ashram was quite confusing at fist, knowing that this colourful place was my old school’s neighbour! I believe that if you observe and interact with your neighbours a little more then you can really get to know your environment.

Hare Krishna’s are a specific kind of Hindu.  They believe that if you do bad things, not only your present life, but you past life too, then you will have to suffer the consequences in your next life. According to the Hare Krishna’s humans are not always reborn as humans. Some may be, but others are promoted to higher or lower forms.  The Hare Krishna’s (like the Hindu’s) believe in not only karma but reincarnation too, I found this out as along the way.

Our experience at the Hare Krishna ashram was odd, I felt very confused at the beginning but by the end I was having a blast.  Now for the tour.  First, they showed us their cows.20160826_123118.jpgIMG-20160905-WA0001.jpgIMG-20160905-WA0000.jpg

Then they gave us a tour of their lovely peacock’s arena.


My experience there was joyful, and they kept encouraging us to see more but we were too hungry to continue, they set up a beautiful dining table (or should I say dining floor) for us and we began to eat.  The food was breathtaking!   I got seconds, and thirds but by the end I felt as though I was about to explode.

I truly believe that if you that if you observe and interact with  your neighbours then you can really get to know your environment.  My friend Isabel, had been going to this school for 8 years straight and she had no idea that there was this ashram about 5 minutes away!  Maybe, just maybe if you look closely, you might find a Hare Krishna ashram in your neighbourhood too.

Written by Elke Cruden

4 thoughts on “Hare Krishna

  1. leah newman says:

    We live right near the center. We buy our milk to make yogurt from them. We have enjoyed their meals, and their joy. Growing up in NYC the members were always a presence in Port Authority and on the streets. As a teenager I knew their center was a great cheap date knowing we would be fed great tasting food for a meager donation. Well written, Elke!


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