Jam Session

After dinner, we started forming a circle with couches and chairs, getting into a relaxed vibe which became a magnificent jam session. We were accompanied by the gentle tones of the guitar, the sweet drawn out notes of the violin, and the playful notes of the melodica. We began by singing an African song, as high and low voices joined one another. All the sweet harmonies mixed together to create a beautiful song. I felt really calmed and relaxed and was happy to be able to contribute my voice. I looked around to see smiles on others faces. It felt like my first true EarthBound experience.

We then were lead into a miner’s song from Oregon by a fellow EarthBound student, Kayla. It was like a chain link, one by one we began to join in. Again the instruments joined us and I became immersed in another wonderful song. Afterwards, a few other songs followed until we decided we were done. I look forward to future jam sessions because to me it is so sacred and special to be able to sing and make music together. Making music together was one of the many reasons I wanted to join Earthbound. It’s just so enlightening and wonderful to be able to hear everyone’s beautiful voice and to be able to contribute your own. When applying, I imagined we would do things like this and I was happy that my expectation was fulfilled. Making music is something everybody can contribute to, whether it is stomping your feet, playing an instrument, or lending your voice. Music can unify a community as a shared primordial experience.


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